Frequently Axed Questions

Is Axe Throwing Safe?

Absolutely! Our facility has been inspected by building inspectors and fire inspectors. Our coaches are trained in safety practices and are not afraid to suspend play if our policies are not being observed. If the issue continues, we will stop play and request the party leaves. Safety is our PRIORITY.

What is the price to throw?
  • 1-Hour Indoor Axe Throw
    Adult 18+ 25.00/hr
    Teen 14-17 25.00/hr
    Child 8-13 15.00/hr
  • 2-Hour Indoor Axe Throw
    Adult 18+ 40.00
    Teen 14-17 40.00
    Child 8-13 30.00
  • 1-Hour Patio Axe Throw
    Adult 18+ 25.00/hr
    Teen 14-17 25.00/hr
    Child 8-13 15.00/hr
  • 2-Hour Patio Axe Throw
    Adult 18+ 40.00
    Teen 14-17 40.00
    Child 8-13 30.00
Can You Bring Your Own Axe?

No outside axes or knives may be brought into the facility

We supply and maintain the throwing axes.

Let us worry about the axe, you worry about the FUN!

Is there an age limit to throw?

We allow throwers from age 8 and up. Any participant under the age of 18 requires the presence of a parent or guardian.

Are Kids Welcome?

Huffman Axe is a family-oriented business, this is a fun for the whole family location and welcomes kids of all ages. The children 8+ may throw Axes, if they can’t throw Axes throw bags! we have outdoor games to be played as well such as cornhole, ping pong, etc.

Kids are welcome at any time, but we do recommend you follow your judgment on Friday and Saturday nights.

Can We Bring Food Into The Facility?

We do allow outside food. We just ask that you do not bring any outside beverages as we sell them. 

Is Alcohol Allowed?

Yes, if you’re 21+ you may purchase beer, wine, and seltzer canned beverages. No outside alcohol is allowed. Customers must follow all Texas laws and Harris County by laws. If our staff detect throwers as being intoxicated, they will be asked to stop playing, and will be asked to leave via a DD, Uber, etc.

Throwing axes and drinking alcohol is that safe?

By making safety our highest priority, we create an environment that axe throwing participants can learn how to safely handle the axe while staying in their lane. All active ranges are monitored or facilitated by our highly trained and TABC-Certified Axe Coaches.

Do We Have Bathrooms?

Yes, Men’s and Women’s, ADA Compliant

Are We An ADA Facility?


Close Toed Shoes?

Yes, this is a must!!

Can I book a party or event?

Absolutely! We love parties! Contact us via email at: [email protected] or give us a call at 281-344-2516 to reserve your party now!

Do We Offer Discounts?

Not at this time, more to come!

How can I pay?

We accept major credit and debit cards through our booking system and in person at our location. Reservations can be booked online by clicking here.

When Do You Pay?

You will pay when you are checking into the axe.

What If We Are Running Late?

Call us to hold your lane! 281-344-2516

Can I take pictures and video?

Absolutely! Just make sure you tag us on social media. #huffmanaxe